creating multi faceted community spaces for the common good
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Community Spaces In Faith Places

 There are 27,000 faith buildings (defined as a church, temple, synagogue, mosque or gurdwara) in Canada, one third are set to close in the next ten years.  Having visited and worked with many faith communities, Faith & the Common Good postulates that most places of worship are home to at least one other not for profit. Twelve step groups, the foodbank, blood donor clinics, arts groups or community meetings, all are occasionally housed in places of faith.  Where is all this activity to go in the absence of the faith buildings?   

Working with Faith & the Common Good I’ve formed a partnership to enumerate the following:

How many not for profit and community groups currently operate programming out of faith buildings? 

Because we must know the extent of the risk to the non -profit sector.  In collaboration with the Ontario Trillium Foundation, Ontario NonProfit Network, Cardus, The National Trust For Canada and the City of Toronto we will conduct a two year study of the users of faith buildings in Ontario.  We will do a deep dive in four specific regions and apply this knowledge to the province as a whole to enumerate the depth of the challenge.

If you or a group that you know conducts activities out of a place of faith please complete the ten minute survey by going to appreciate your help in this endeavour to strengthen the not for profit community and keep our affordable spaces.